Oh boy where do I begin! In the beginning it started out easy and fun, watching your video was the best part because I didn’t really have to do anything(that’s a joke). When I got to creating my domain and web hosting, although it was easy, I was a tab bit confused because I was unfamiliar with what I was doing. I liked it because all there was to it was reading and following directions. Installing wordpress, hypothes.is, and registering my blog all were not so bad neither, I was able to follow the directions and get everything running and working. With the social media activations, I didn’t have most of the accounts that was suggested, so getting all of those registered and ready to go took a while (a couple hours to be exact) I was not so happy about that. Next came the introductions for those sites I created. I was a little shy because I am more like an introvert so I don’t like to post a lot of things, I rather just sit back and read/watch. I actually had twitter for two years and never used it so #ds106 allowed me to make my first tweet: http://fredaosei.com/uncategorized/my-first-twitter-post/ . Next came youtube, I never knew making a 30 sec video could take a VERY long time ( it was all because I kept erasing the video I made and redoing it again) here it is: http://fredaosei.com/uncategorized/youtube-intro-video/ ( I really hope people watch it because I put a lot of time into making it :)).  Using Flickr was very easy. All I had to do was post my picture, here it is: http://fredaosei.com/uncategorized/flickr/ .  I was a little puzzled about what to put on soundcloud but after some thought, I just recorded my favorite song: http://fredaosei.com/uncategorized/fav-song-soundcloud/ . Reading the article “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered: Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!” was really interesting, it actually gave me a boost of confidence not to be scared of my critics and so on. For the article “A Domain of One’s Own  in a  Post-Owner Society” http://hackeducation.com/2016/08/23/domains  , it really got me thinking, I really didn’t put my mind to ownership that much, I thought I owned what I owned and that was it. After reading the example about netflix, I  understood that we REALLY  do not own a lot of things we think we own. The hardest thing I did this week was probably making my youtube video, the rest was not really that hard. The easiest thing I did was writing the twitter post. The one thing that did freak me out was the annotation thing. I really could not figure it out the first time and I kept re-reading the instructions, I even sent you an email to ask you about it but I eventually I figure it out. I have to admit that I didn’t understand the whole concept of creating your post on your actual website, so I started out posting all my blogs on wordpress but after some serious thought, I figured out that our post should be posted on our websites(duhh). All together it was a good experience I totally understand why you say not to wait until the last minute because it was a lot of work.

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