Week 9 Summary

Reading movies was a whole new concept to me this week. I have to say it is not really my favorite thing. This is how my movie essay turned out:

my process is blogged up in a post. My first daily create was about a beautiful place we think we will never be able to visit. My second daily create was about active learn. Active learning does not mean being active and learning but it means engaging students in the learning process. I think the assignment banks were really fun. My favorite one was adding music to a video of an animal dancing. Next assignment bank I did was about making a video of places we would like to visit and adding an upbeat music to it. I love to travel so I hope to visit all those places I showed in the video. My last assignment bank was about making a video of recycling. It is amazing how many people don’t even think about recycling. The main reason why I did that assignment bank was so that someone out there could become informed about recycling.

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