Week 8 Summary

I have to say this semester is flying by very quickly. I can’t believe we are already done with week 8 already. This week was packed with a lot of web engaging design. I have to admit I didn’t really enjoy doing the web assignment banks. I know you told us that we can make our own ( I am still in the process of brainstorm one). My first assignment bank that I chose to do had me go on a 20 minute walk. While on the 20 minute walk, my mission was to choose one color and find many different things of that color. I love nature so I was really excited to do this assignment.  The next assignment bank I decided to do from the web assignments was to edit a you tube page to confuse viewers, check out how I did mine. Last but not least, the third assignment I did from the web assignment bank was find a situation where google translate went wrong. I really enjoyed tuning in and listening in to the radio shows I  made a blog post to discuss which one I enjoyed and the reason behind it. Every group did a wonderful job on their shows. Daily creates are always fun. I like how we had to tie it all together in a story is week.  My first daily create was about making a fake airplane noise. my second daily create was about making a poem with 5 random words and my last daily create was a question about why I choose to write. I thought it was really cool how we got to edit websites, I have never done that before and I was so amazed when I was in the process of doing it. The idea of picking 3 daily creates and assignments we really liked from our peers was brilliant, It gave me a chance to really dig deep into people’s assignments and get a feel for their reason behind what they did. I found 3 work that was just amazing and I have it all summed up in a post. I hope you enjoyed our radio show!

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