Week 12 Progress

I am very excited about this final project. I decided I am making a true life story about me. The four assignment types(not solely limiting it to four) that I decided I will include will be audio, visual, video, and design. The way I wanted to start out was introduce myself with a little all about me poster which has a little info about who I am and what I like. I completed this design part this week so I can focus on another assignment element next week. The audio part will consist of me talking about my transitioning from the country I was born to America and the challenges I faced(I have also briefly started this part). The visual part will be a few pictures of me as I grew up and adapted to America. The video part will be everything put together. I wanted to add more assignment elements but I have not yet figured out how I will incorporate them within the project. I decided I will use Windows Movie Maker to complete this project since I am used to using it already. I normally use paint to design my posters but i choose to use powerpoint to design the poster I made because I felt powerpoint gave me more choices when it came to designing. I hope everything goes well and I am anxious to see how everything turns out!


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