Week 11 Summary

Week 11 remixes and mashups were kind of exciting. Since we have already acquired the skills we need to edit things, I enjoyed this week’s assignments. One out of the two remixes I did was about turning one of my old assignments into a cancer subject. I thought this was a very important remix because cancer is something that has effected everyone in some way or some how and it is still one of the top causes of death. My second remix was about making a bad presentation. Again, I reused old assignments in my presentation. One out of my two daily creates was making a poster about missing bigfoot. My second daily create was about finding art in sidewalk cracks. My first assignment bank mash up I did (I now regret doing it ) was about mashing 2 unrelated pictures and then creating a back story. My second assignment bank was about mashing up things from my 3 favorite holidays into one picture to tell a story. The last assignment bank I did was about creating a logo out of my favorite product from my favorite store. My tutorial that I did was about how to use movie maker (from windows) to edit a video (it also including how to download a video from youtube). I appreciate people that do jobs that including putting things together to create one big product, It takes a lot of work but It is fun at the same time!

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