Week 10 Summary


This week’s video’s assignments were a blast. I first want to mention my ds106 commercial that I made for one of my assignment banks.  I had fun editing and making it look good. I have realized in the past two weeks that one of my strengths or one thing I really enjoy doing is editing. My second assignment bank was about taking a movie and showing the importing aspects of that movie(basically all the import events). This one took a long time but it had been something that we have been doing for a while so i knew how to go about it. My last assignment bank was about taking a clip, cutting out the voices and adding music that fit the atmosphere of that clip(fun stuff). The first daily create that I did was about making my very own superhero. I am not a very big fantasy person but I do like designing and editing so this was a fun little assignment that I enjoyed. Second daily create was about a GIF of a ( person/animal) walking. My last daily create was making a monstrosus pumpkin spice flavor. This was interest because I absolutely hate  pumpkin spice so It was easy to make a pumpkin spice anything monstrous. I enjoyed this week assignments! Have you entered any of the participating grades on canvas? Mine are not graded(I asked because you always have the weekly assignments graded early so I just wanted to make sure you are getting my participating points too) if you haven’t gotten to them yet, NO rush!

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