Web StoryTelling


I edited a web site for the very first time, check it out. Looking at this assignment made me sign  because the instructions was long which made me think that this assignment was not going to be fun.  I first started our with the Mozilla X-Ray instructions and installing the browser bar then I tried the example it had to make sure I understood exactly what we had to do. After trying it, I realized that it was actually kind of fun to do. I then went in search to find a website I can edit. I came across a men’s t-shirt sale and decided to edit it. I struggled finding something new to turn it into. My first thought was to turn it into a “borrow me for a day” type sale but then I thought people could think of this sale as a negative aspect of selling someone so I then decided to make it into a tutoring sale. I actually thought my sale is a good deal. you have an option to rent either a female or male in the expertise of math and computer science. I really wish this was something we could do in real life, it would save so much time.


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