Tutorial on Video Editing/Video Essays

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During week 9 I struggled a lot when it came down to editing videos/video essays. IT was a completely new subject to me so I didn’t know how to start (luckily I had google). I am going to explain step by step how to edit a video and make it into a movie essay using WINDOWS.

  1.  Fire up moviemaker by going to your apps and searching it up. When you find and open it, it should look like this:


2. Next, find a movie you want to edit. Normally I go to youtube and search up clips. I found a really easy way to down clips from youtube as a mp3 file.  Lets say If I find a clip on youtube with the any url:


I will go up to where I have the blue circle and insert “ss” right after www.


press enter. On the new page, scroll down to “Download it Free” (I highlighted it in yellow):


Click on it and make sure you save it somewhere you can access it later. In moviemaker,  click on add photos/vidoes. Find your saved clip and add it:


when you add your movie, you will be able to crop and edit it with split under the edit tab. To add a voice over, go to your apps and look for sound recorder. It sound look like:


record your voice and save it somewhere you will remember. Now, in moviemaker, click on “add music”


find the recording you just did and insert in where you want. Make sure under video tools you take away the video volume from that specific part so you can hear the voice recording.

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