Tie Tie Make A Story

I am going try to tie all my daily 3 daily creates together to make a story:

First daily create was making fake airplane sounds with any material we have.

Second daily create was the question “Why we choose to write?”.

Last daily create was make a poem with 5 random words, they were: weather, pebble, pistachio, ink, and varnish.

On Saturday morning, my mom asked me to take the mail box keys and go check the mails with my little sister so we can get some fresh air. As I walked outside I heard a very loud airplane run very rapidly over my heard.  With my sister being a child who likes to imitate everything, started making fake airplane noises with her mouth. After getting the mail, I saw that I got a letter from my school asking me to write an essay topic about “why I choose to write”  for a $2000 scholarship. As I started to write , the weather all of the sudden started thundering. My cat is very scared of thunder so as he begin to run away, he accidentally kicked one of the peddles my sister left on the floor. The peddles suddenly knocked over the ink I was about to use to write my essay and then our pet bed flew over my head and dropped several pistachios  over the ink, varnishing it.

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