Thinking Outside the Box


I have some few ideas for the radio show but the ones I have that incorporates our theme are:

  1. We can have an open mic where we post a question on twitter and have the hostess of the radio read out the answers on the radio. The one question I had in mind was “Has anyone ever gotten into trouble with what they posted online?” This question is in reference of one of the class-generated questions which was “Are we really free on the internet?”
  2. We can challenge people to go without using the internet for a couple of days and listen to their reactions. We can have callers call in and talk about their experiences. this idea is in regard to the question  “Do you think people are too dependent on the internet?”.
  3. A story can be made telling us what the future of the internet will be like. In regards to the question “What is the future of the internet?”

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