The Power of Sound


Sound has a big effect on how a story can be understood. After listening to “ Moon Graffiti”, It was amazing to see how the sound expressed the degree of feelings for the astronomers and the things that were going on. Without the background sound in this audio, I would have understood the the audio but would have had no idea exactly how the astronomers where feeling. There was a good example in the audio where one astronomer kick something and the was a sound to reflect the strength of the kick. I never would have know the extremity of that kick.

I tuned in Wednesday night in the ds106 radio at @ 9 and I highly enjoyed the background sounds. It perfectly  imitated the mood in the story. I also love the acting. Each character was very good at acting their roles.

On Wednesday when I tuned it the radio, It learn a lot of interesting things. There was this one particular part that i remember the most. There were two females talking and at the background you could hear a certain ticking sound going on, at first I thought it was someone typing but then I realized it was a clock ticking. I feel like that was a very good idea but it allowed listeners to be curious about what is about it happen. I remember seeing a post on twitter asking if that was a bomb time clock, we later found out that the clock was ticking because one of the females took medicine and was going to die in 90 secs. The power of sound and how it can get you wondering!

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