The Best of the Best


One of my favorite daily creates was creating a picture without an actual picture. I thought this person did a very good job at outlining a picture of this words in my head. As soon as I read his words, a picture pop right in my head. It sounded like words I could read from a fairy tale story.

Daily Create 2


The next thing I thought was really cool was a bumper someone created. I thought this stuck out a lot to me. I love how this person took time with the details. I even thought it was really cool how this person wrote their words on this bumper. As soon as I saw it, it caught my eye. It reminds me of a real bumper sticker.


Radio talk show bumper sticker!

I thought this voice recording was so hilarious. I could totally relate to this person with the amount of spam we get in our emails. I loved how this person’s voice was so nice and calm but at the same time it got me laughing so hard.

UMW Spam

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