This week was full of a lot of designing which is great because I love designing! I first want to start off with Kleon’s book. The two chapters that were had to read were full of useful info to remember when designing and talking about the process behind it. What I thought about these two chapters are summed up in it’s own blog post. The designblitz was very interesting. It made me go out in the world and explore what the world has to offer me. I would have enjoyed it better if it was assigned during another week when the sun was up and daisy. I was limited to certain time to go exploring because the weather was bad all week but I thought the results I found were very unique in its own way. Each picture I found is embedded in the blog post  I wrote about it. I enjoyed the design assignment bank this week. My first one was about a missing person or animal. The second one was about a magazine, I tried to make this one about technology of some sort. My last assignment bank assignment was about an event poster. I decided to make mine about 2 music artist coming to UMW to perform. It had to be Drake and Usher because I absolutely love them both. I wish they were really coming to our school to perform, I would be the first one to go purchase a ticket. Daily creates are always fun. It is always interesting to see what everyone comes up with. I always like scrolling down on the daily create page to see the creativity of my fellow peers. My first one was to make a new picture look old. I chose a picture of me and my sister to transform. The second one was making a poster about digital safety. I believe mine was very unique in terms of the analogy. Last but not least, my last daily create was about an audio recording of how my  Sunday commute goes. Can you guess my way of commuting? I learned a lot from reading Vignelli’s Canon. I learned that there are 3 aspects of design. Check out about I had to say about the article. What a very productive week!

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