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I must admit audio editing is so much fun! In the beginning I signed when I saw the topic of this week and thought audio editing just takes too long (it is time consuming) but it was a fun process so you never get bored. The proudest thing I did this week was my making my radio bumper. I had a lot of fun using audacity. At first I was a little lost but then when I got used to editing and formatting my audio, I started loving the software. I was a little lost on what LAMEmp3Encoder was. I downloaded it but i had no clue how to open it and use it. I like how we got to listen to the MoonGraffiti¬†because it gave us a lot of examples on how strong sound can be. Sound just gives is a sense of imagination. check out my response. My first daily create was to think of another name to call the iphone call app. I chose to call it the whisper app because It tells you stuff that no one else in the same room can hear (so it is basically whispering). My second daily create was draw an art masterpiece. I am not a good artist but i found this daily create to be calming and relaxing which was really good because I was really stressed this week. Last but not least, my last daily create was to come up with something that is behind this door. I came up with heaven because that would be exactly where i want to go if i was to open that door. I found some of this week’s daily challenge to be a bit difficult excluding the one’s i did(maybe it was because I had so much work to do). The ideas I came up with for the radio ideas where somewhat related to the questions the class generated but I tried to make it a bit more interactive because I found myself getting a little bored when tuning in. My first audio assignment I did was to put together 5 different sounds to tell a story. I love love this assignment. This was the exercise that got me use to working with audacity. The second assignment I did asks us to pick one of our favorite songs and give meaning to the reason why we picked it in a short audio recording. I like it because I got me to really think about the reason why I love that particular song. I wouldn’t mind doing this assignment again because I have a lot of favorite songs. ¬†Another assignment I chose to do asked us to have a phone conversation with ourselves but to change one of our voice. I actually had a bad tine making this recording because it was hard to change my voice over and over but it was a good experience. I now have a new appreciation for people who do those type of stuff for a living. It was a wonderful week and I learn tons and tons of stuff about audio editing. I love audio editing!


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  1. Paul

    All the LAME encoder does is let you save files as mp3. You’d think it would just be part of Audacity, but there is some sort of licensing issue so it has to be separate.


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