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This assignment I had to do was about editing a movie to show all the important aspects of that movie. I really enjoyed doing this assignment.  I first started out by going on youtube to find any movies that recently came out with a lot fame. I couldn’t really find anything that interested me, when I did find something, it ended up being a trailer. I then started searching out youtube movies that had lots of viewers. I finally came across a movie called Hush. Hush is about this deaf women who is held hostage by a man who wanted to kill her. The lady that was held hostage outsmarted the guy that was keeping her hostage and finally found the nerve to fight and kill him.

I used Windows Movie maker to edit this hour and half movie(it was a pain). I was about to sum everything up and cut it down to a 1minute and a half. I then uploaded it to vimeo so I would be able to embed it in this post. Hope everyone enjoys it!

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