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I am going to reflect on the ds106 News Radio (I think that was the first one that played on Tuesday night). This radio show was very entertaining to me. They discussed the new hot topics that were going around and also had facts and articles to back up everything they said. My favorite news they discuss was the clown issue and how it was impacting the career of clowns in general. There was not one time I was ever bored or confused on what was going on. Everything that was discuss effected  me in someway or the other. I remember they even touch base on the storm that happened last week( I think it was called hurricane Matthews) and how it impacted some of the members of that radio show group. I don’t think I have anything in mind that needed to be worked on except for the fact that they saved all their bumpers and commercials to be played at the end of the show. I thought that was a little different, other then that, everything was great!

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