My CheerLeader

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For this video assignment that I had to do, I had to get a movie clip and then find music that goes well with it’s environment. I first started out by looking for a clip that I enjoyed watching. I found a clip from the movie Moana. This clip seemed to be the part when Maui saug to the beautiful Moana. I enjoyed watching this scene a lot. After finding the clip, I went in search for an upbeat song that could go well with Maui’s dancing moves. I had a hard time doing this but then one of my favorite songs came to mind. The song I decided to pick is called “Cheerleader” by Felix Jaehn. In the cheerleader’s music video, there is a guy that claims he has found a cheerleader, someone who is always going to be there for him, and I thought the scene I pick from Moana also had the same story line. I decided to use Window’s Live Movie Maker to edit the scene. I took the voices out and replaced it with music.


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