Mix’N Matching Sounds

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Did you know that sound alone can tell a story? I put together 5 sounds to tell a story! The reason why I was inspired with these different sounds is because I absolutely love suspense and that was what I was trying to depict in this story. The first sound is a man yelling. This of course gives my audience a sense of curiosity to playing more to find out what is going on. The second sound is a women gasping. This is to show that something bad is about to happen to the man that was just yelling on top of his lungs. The third sound is some type of an animal roaring. This is to show that the man that was yelling in the beginning of this mix is about to be eaten by the animal that just roared( it was  probably a bear). The fourth sound is a dog barking. This is because the dog just saw the bear and is trying to scare it away. Last but not least, the last sound is a women crying. This shows that the women that was gasping saw the horrible thing that just happened to men that was yelling. Take a listen


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