Lights, Camera, and….Action!

I have never edited a movie in my life so everything was new to me. I had big time trouble on finding out how to do a voice over on a movie. The first tutorial I watched to show me how to do a voice over used Windows Live Movie Maker(the same thing I used) but it had a manual microphone inside their movie maker. I look as hard as I could and could still not find a micro phone button in my movie maker. I then did some more research and found out that I can manually do a a recording with sound record and then add it in my movie maker using the import music method to add the voice over. For some reason I still find like there an easier way to add voice over. I did get used to it after a while. The whole method of voice over is really cool because we can analyze the author’s choice of technique to ┬átell the story.

I decided to make a video essay on Medea’s Family reunion and Finding Nemo. I really normally really busy so I don’t make time to go to the movies or stay up dated on new movies that comes out. For Medea, I love how the producer uses facial expressions and language choices to give express the mood. With Find Nemo, I love hows the choice of colors promoted a sense of a kid friendly environment.

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