Final Project/Weekly Summary

I can not believe this semester is over. My advice for new ds106 students is here. This class was so much fun and I also learned a lot. My final project consisted of an audio, visuals, a video, and design. I am glad you gave us so much time to work on this project. This week was so stressful with a lot of assignments due so I am glad I work on it when I was suppose to rather than waiting last minute.

The design part of my final project is my transitioning animations and a poster I made. The audio part is me talking. The video part is a “how to video I incorporated in there”. My pictures were pictures I added of me and other people from the internet. It was challenging but I got it done. It is a life story about me! I used windows live movie maker to complete my video. I used the voice over method we learned a couple weeks ago to add my voice in the project.


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