Fav 3 Holidays

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This assignment required me to pick 3 of my favorite holidays and mash them together into one scene. According to my scene, my favorite my days out of the year are Easter, Valentine’s day and Birthdays. I also love Christmas that’s why I chose to make cupid and my hearts red but that is not very obvious. Surprisingly I used microsoft word to edit these pictures.

In my scene, I have my easter bunny called(Amber) running around all happy and daisy and chasing a beautiful butterfly with balloons on top of her head. I also have my cupid called James running and chasing the bunny while shooting hearts out. It is suppose to remind people of two kids running around in the fields, and having fun. The balloons are suppose to represent someone’s birthday. All 3 (If you haven’t notice, I count birthdays as holidays) of these holidays have deep meanings but the also represents moments of joy and happiness that is why my favorite 3 holiday choices were birthdays, Easter, and Valentine’s day!


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