All in One Blitztastic!


The first design blitz I am going to talk about is “use of space” also known as minimalism. This example shows how someone used the little space they had to their best benefit. Often times, I run into minimalism a lot because I have a lot to study for. The best way I learn stuff is to write it down and I can never find enough space to fit everything I need on the board. One day I will come up with an invention to have a room where all its walls are plastered with dry erase boards(the whole entire wall not just half of the wall) so I can fit everything I need in one room!

The second design blitz was about symbols. As I was walking to work one day, I came across this symbol. This board had have important symbols to help drivers navigate their way. Without these symbols, driving will be very difficult for certain people that are unfamiliar with where they are going. Not only does symbols show up on roads but they show up every where in our daily lives. A good example is sign language. Without symbols, people who are deaf would not be able to communicate. That is how important symbols are!

Third blitz was about message. My picture shows two cars using their head lights in board day light. The reason why I chose this to be a message was because there is no reason why cars should be using their lights unless it is fogy or dark. The message that was suppose to be spend out was that the weather was rainy and dark during daylight time so lights were needed in order for drivers to drive safely. Sometimes messages are not displayed verbally so we need to pay very close attention to the everything around us.

Last but not least my final my blitz was about unity. As I was walking, I came across grass growing in a side walk and automatically, I thought about unity. I thought this was a good example because it was two unlike things forming into one. Normally, the first good example of unity that pops into my mind is marriage but it was impossible to capture two people getting marriage on campus! Hopefully you guys see where I am coming from with this example.

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