Back Story Behind The Story


I have to say Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work has some very important aspects that I used in making my designblitz journey a success. I love the quote by Micheal Jackson that was mentioned in the character “Think Process Not Product”. it said ” A lot of people are so used to just seeing the outcome of work, they never see the side of the work you go through to produce the outcome”. To me, this was especially true when it came to finding examples of the list we were given to make a designblitz from. I had to go on a walk on a icky rainy day so that I could find some examples to share with everyone. In this process, I got wet plus a car almost ran me over because I was too focused on finding a good angle to take my picture from. It is important to take people behind the scenes of how you completed your assignment so that a unique bond can be made with your audience. In the chapter Share Something Small Everyday, I learn that part of a big picture is a tiny bit of little pictures. Sharing every little piece day by day gives your audience a sense of involvement with whatever project you may be working on. It is important that our thought processes are included in the assignment we do because it allows other people to understand the reason why you made up your mind to go a certain direction.  These two chapter were filled with a lot of useful information.

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