Fav 3 Holidays

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This assignment required me to pick 3 of my favorite holidays and mash them together into one scene. According to my scene, my favorite my days out of the year are Easter, Valentine’s day and Birthdays. I also love Christmas that’s why I chose to make cupid and my hearts red but that is not very obvious. Surprisingly I used microsoft word to edit these pictures.

In my scene, I have my easter bunny called(Amber) running around all happy and daisy and chasing a beautiful butterfly with balloons on top of her head. I also have my cupid called James running and chasing the bunny while shooting hearts out. It is suppose to remind people of two kids running around in the fields, and having fun. The balloons are suppose to represent someone’s birthday. All 3 (If you haven’t notice, I count birthdays as holidays) of these holidays have deep meanings but the also represents moments of joy and happiness that is why my favorite 3 holiday choices were birthdays, Easter, and Valentine’s day!


Picture Mash-Up

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The assignment I chose to do was about taking two unrelated images and putting them together, then trying to make a story out of it.

I choose Donald Trump (one of our presidential candidates) and a monster. I used paint to edit these two pictures to put them together. I know many people after seeing this picture may ask “Why did you decide to choose two pictures that are similar??” I completely thought these two pictures where different but once I put them together, I realized they were almost the same.

My story was suppose to be about how Donald Trump lives inside a monster’s mouth. A mouth that is not filtered or cleaned out. He lives in that mouth and tries to attack people with a smile on his face but a nasty demeanor that comes out.


Missing BigFoot


Have you seen BigFoot walking around lately?? I hope you have because he has gone missing!

Today’s daily create was about making a poster for a missing bigfoot. This is how mine turned out. I choose the pinkish/reddish color because I wanted it to pop out and for people to notice it. I thought the sad bigfoot picture I Included in the poster will have people feel a little sympathy for bigfoot. I included a little description and a telephone number on the poster because “just in case” someone finds bigfoot, we want someone to be responsible for him and take him back to his rightful place.

Street Art


Todays daily create was about side walk cracks that makes art. This side walk art has many different components to it. It is not just art because we can trace our minds and see figures of animals but it is art because it is made from something that happens naturally. I favorite part of this picture is the little elephant in the upper right. There are so many things that can be illustrated by that figure(I can also see a do if I turn my head slightly).


Week 10 Summary


This week’s video’s assignments were a blast. I first want to mention my ds106 commercial that I made for one of my assignment banks.  I had fun editing and making it look good. I have realized in the past two weeks that one of my strengths or one thing I really enjoy doing is editing. My second assignment bank was about taking a movie and showing the importing aspects of that movie(basically all the import events). This one took a long time but it had been something that we have been doing for a while so i knew how to go about it. My last assignment bank was about taking a clip, cutting out the voices and adding music that fit the atmosphere of that clip(fun stuff). The first daily create that I did was about making my very own superhero. I am not a very big fantasy person but I do like designing and editing so this was a fun little assignment that I enjoyed. Second daily create was about a GIF of a ( person/animal) walking. My last daily create was making a monstrosus pumpkin spice flavor. This was interest because I absolutely hate  pumpkin spice so It was easy to make a pumpkin spice anything monstrous. I enjoyed this week assignments! Have you entered any of the participating grades on canvas? Mine are not graded(I asked because you always have the weekly assignments graded early so I just wanted to make sure you are getting my participating points too) if you haven’t gotten to them yet, NO rush!

Ds106 is THE Best

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This assignment that I chose to do was about creating a commercial about ds106 for future students. One of the reasons why I chose to do this assignment is because when I am getting ready to register for a class every semester, I make sure I go around asking people for advice about how the class is going to be. It always makes me feel better when I hear someone say “ooh that was an enjoyable class” or “I wouldn’t mind taking that class over again”. I made this video to spread the word that ds106 is a very useful and enjoyable class to take. There is so much I have learned over the course of two months and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t want to do again. This class is the best!

Pumpkin Spice Gone Wild


Today’s daily create asked us to make a pumpkin spice monstrosity. I came up pumpkin spice milk. Honestly I don’t really know how this will taste but I hate pumpkin spice so anything with pumpkin is yuckie. I used the app pain to add the pumpkin spiced label on the milk. It was pretty easy and I believe anybody could do it. I am glad halloween season is over so I don’t hear anymore of pumpkin spice flavors.


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This assignment I had to do was about editing a movie to show all the important aspects of that movie. I really enjoyed doing this assignment.  I first started out by going on youtube to find any movies that recently came out with a lot fame. I couldn’t really find anything that interested me, when I did find something, it ended up being a trailer. I then started searching out youtube movies that had lots of viewers. I finally came across a movie called Hush. Hush is about this deaf women who is held hostage by a man who wanted to kill her. The lady that was held hostage outsmarted the guy that was keeping her hostage and finally found the nerve to fight and kill him.

I used Windows Movie maker to edit this hour and half movie(it was a pain). I was about to sum everything up and cut it down to a 1minute and a half. I then uploaded it to vimeo so I would be able to embed it in this post. Hope everyone enjoys it!



Today’s daily create was about a walking GIF(our choices were either a man, women, or an animal). I picked this walking animal because it was darn cute, it also draws my mine to a little imagination because most animals can’t walk on just two legs. I love how the plain background draws a lot of focus on just the animal and its features(it has some really interesting features like the horns on its head).

My CheerLeader

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For this video assignment that I had to do, I had to get a movie clip and then find music that goes well with it’s environment. I first started out by looking for a clip that I enjoyed watching. I found a clip from the movie Moana. This clip seemed to be the part when Maui saug to the beautiful Moana. I enjoyed watching this scene a lot. After finding the clip, I went in search for an upbeat song that could go well with Maui’s dancing moves. I had a hard time doing this but then one of my favorite songs came to mind. The song I decided to pick is called “Cheerleader” by Felix Jaehn. In the cheerleader’s music video, there is a guy that claims he has found a cheerleader, someone who is always going to be there for him, and I thought the scene I pick from Moana also had the same story line. I decided to use Window’s Live Movie Maker to edit the scene. I took the voices out and replaced it with music.