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Better Designer


I have never seen Stranger Things but according to this article. Stranger Things’s opening credits are an ode to typography. The red glowing title has drawn a lot of people to the show. It is amazing how one aspect of something can draw many people’s mind. This article confirmed that the title reminds viewer of children book titles which draws back so much memories. Now, I know to take my time when designing because the littlest details can catch many attention. We have to really think about what we want to design before we start designing it. Often times, I fall into this trap and just design as ideas come in my head but now I know it all takes planning.

In regards to the short booklet called Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli, there are 3 aspects of design. The first one is semantics. This is basically the meaning of whatever you have to design. It is important to know the semantics so that you understand to the fullest the nature and the design aspects of the project. From what I understood, syntax is the meaning behind the design. If what ever that is done does not have any meaning or fails to communicate, it is just a mere “wasted effort”. Syntax is very important because if no one understands the result, or the meaning of all that effort, the entire work is useless. Although sometimes design may mean some explanation, it is better is the design is understood when it is first seen. I learned that every detail is important, no detail is special than the other. All details combine to make the final project. Pragmatic is the understanding to the design that was made. This is very important because if there is no understanding of what was made, then the design would just be bogus. I also learned that there are infinite possibilities to achieve a powerful expression. this is not just limited to one. Sometimes perception also plays a big role. I really agree with Vignelli because design takes a part in thinking and putting time into what ever you create. You can’t just put two things together and call that a design, the design has to have true semantics,