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Final Project/Weekly Summary

I can not believe this semester is over. My advice for new ds106 students is here. This class was so much fun and I also learned a lot. My final project consisted of an audio, visuals, a video, and design. I am glad you gave us so much time to work on this project. This week was so stressful with a lot of assignments due so I am glad I work on it when I was suppose to rather than waiting last minute.

The design part of my final project is my transitioning animations and a poster I made. The audio part is me talking. The video part is a “how to video I incorporated in there”. My pictures were pictures I added of me and other people from the internet. It was challenging but I got it done. It is a life story about me! I used windows live movie maker to complete my video. I used the voice over method we learned a couple weeks ago to add my voice in the project.



Dear new Ds106 students,

You are in for a very productive semester with lots of exciting things to learn about. Although this class is fun, it is also a lot of work to keep up with (it is more like busy relaxing work that doesn’t really seem like loads of work). I honestly think anyone can take this class and strive in it, I say this because I was taking 17 credits (mostly computer science courses) and managed to get an A on every assignment given to me. Get ready to learn about how to blog, how to be a good photographer, how to make masterpieces, how to edit videos and most important how to have fun! There are weekly creates that you have to do every week. Weekly creates are random assignments posted on twitter and only take at most 15 minutes to complete. There are also assignment banks which are rated in stars. Most of the week, professor Paul will give you a fix number of stars you should do, again these assignment are not that difficult, they are more like fun work. I did mention that the work is busy fun work so please don’t wait the day before your assignments are due or you won’t be able to finish it. You will have to create a bit of social sites to complete some of the assignments given, I really thought this was a great thing because I got a chance to use things I had never used before. Trust me, you are in for a good treat!

Sincerely,    A student that would not mind taking this class again!



Final Project Progress 2

As I get more of this project completed, I learn that it is not as easy as I thought. I am half way in with everything so far. Recording your self talk could be at times challenging due to the pitch and volume changes especially when you record on two separate occasions.  I thought doing a story about me would be super easy but it is at times challenging. I am re-ordering certain events and I am still getting use to transitioning to another event or point in time. I excited to see how the final product will turn out! I am currently in the process of finding a nice background music that can go along with the atmosphere, hopefully that won’t distract the audience from my voice.