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The Best of the Best


One of my favorite daily creates was creating a picture without an actual picture. I thought this person did a very good job at outlining a picture of this words in my head. As soon as I read his words, a picture pop right in my head. It sounded like words I could read from a fairy tale story.

Daily Create 2


The next thing I thought was really cool was a bumper someone created. I thought this stuck out a lot to me. I love how this person took time with the details. I even thought it was really cool how this person wrote their words on this bumper. As soon as I saw it, it caught my eye. It reminds me of a real bumper sticker.


Radio talk show bumper sticker!

I thought this voice recording was so hilarious. I could totally relate to this person with the amount of spam we get in our emails. I loved how this person’s voice was so nice and calm but at the same time it got me laughing so hard.

UMW Spam

Google translate Gone Wrong

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For this assignment we were asked find something in another language that translate to English funny and I found a  comment that was made on one of my friend’s page and tried to use google translate to translate it to English so I can understand what was being said. Google translator did not help that much. It translated some and left some. I remember when I was in high school and I took french, I sometimes thought I could find the easy way out and use google translate to translate my words out for me. I later on found out that I have to take time and actually translate my words by myself because google translate is not always reliable.

20 Minute Walk & Findings

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Today I decided to do this web assignment that asks us to go on a 20 minute walk and whiles walking, pick a color and try to find different things of that specific color. The color I chose was red. I thought this would be an awful color to find things. I thought the easiest color would be green because nature carries a lot of green things but I still stuck to red. The first picture was a pumpkin wagon. The second one was a red truck (btw there are so many red objects in this picture if you take a closer look). The third one was a weird element of a side walk, I thought this was very unique, I wonder why it was the only one that was red. The fourth one was a small abandoned red leaf. I thought this was so cute. The fifth was some more red leafs on a tree. Every time I take a look at this picture, it reminds me of fall! I had a awesome time doing this assignment because it allowed me to clear my mind and focus on nature.

20 minutes walk and findings

20 minutes walk and findings

20 minutes walk and findings

20 minutes walk and findings

20 minutes walk and findings

Radio Listen


I am going to reflect on the ds106 News Radio (I think that was the first one that played on Tuesday night). This radio show was very entertaining to me. They discussed the new hot topics that were going around and also had facts and articles to back up everything they said. My favorite news they discuss was the clown issue and how it was impacting the career of clowns in general. There was not one time I was ever bored or confused on what was going on. Everything that was discuss effected  me in someway or the other. I remember they even touch base on the storm that happened last week( I think it was called hurricane Matthews) and how it impacted some of the members of that radio show group. I don’t think I have anything in mind that needed to be worked on except for the fact that they saved all their bumpers and commercials to be played at the end of the show. I thought that was a little different, other then that, everything was great!

Why I Write

Today daily create ask the question “Why do we write?” I have many answers to the reason why I write but I believe the main reason is to obtain important events. I am currently a computer science major taking 17 credits plus working so I can’t afford not to write things down. Sometimes I look around while my professor is lecturing and I notice that some people don’t take notes because they are just that good at remembering different things, me on the other hand, I have to write things down so that just in case I don’t understand some of the topics that were discussed, I can go back and look in my notes to figure it out. Another reason I write to to express my feelings. I have come to a discovery that sometimes, writing when I am upset makes me feel better. It helps me focus less on my problem and draw my attention to something else.


Today’s daily create wanted us to write a poem including 5 required words: ink, pistachio, weather, varnish, and pebble. I thought this was going to be supper hard because these 5 words are all unrelated but I DID IT! I just threw a bunch of words together, I came up with cat because in my opinion, I feel like cats are very clumsy.

Show me how to….

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This web assignment asks us to edit a youtube page to confuse people. My guess is that when someone looks at the youtube picture below, they would think that I didn’t do any editing.  Take a look at the original youtube page  and take a second look at the picture below. See any differences???? This video is suppose to teach people how to “dab” not cough! I first used snip to capture a picture of this page on youtube then I used the app called paint to edit the words in the search bar and the description of the video.



Today’s daily create asked us to make a sound that imitated an airplane/helicopter sound. To my understanding, any resource could have contributed to this sound. My attempt was my lips making a windy sound while my hand fanned a paper. I chose to make the fanning noise to imitate the fan on the back of a helicopter.  Making the sound was harder than I thought it would be but it was a fun experience. This daily create encouraged me to look up how to make different sounds so at the end of the day, I learned something new :).

Week 7 Summary

This week was a very productive week. I liked the radio show idea and how it got us to come together as a group and learn how to work with each other and put a final product together. The way we worked and my experience on how my part of the project went is summed up in its own blog post.  One of my two daily create was about taking a picture of our city/burg to represent the current season. My second daily create was about random act of kindness. I choose a particular picture that I thought had so much meaning. When two people are competing for the game trophy, they don’t tend to be very caring upon one another, but this picture shows how kindness should be shown any and every time no matter what the situation is.

Radio Show Completed!

Our group radio show is completed! We had a total of about 5 people in the group so each person had about about 5 minutes for their part. Our topic was about the internet. The first person(me) talks about a fictional story of a place without internet, the next person talks about “If I existed before the internet”, the third person talked about outdoor activities, the fourth person talked about video games before the internet and the last person talked about Cell phones. Hope you enjoy our show. Here is another link to the show if the first one didn’t work.