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Week 9 Summary

Reading movies was a whole new concept to me this week. I have to say it is not really my favorite thing. This is how my movie essay turned out:

my process is blogged up in a post. My first daily create was about a beautiful place we think we will never be able to visit. My second daily create was about active learn. Active learning does not mean being active and learning but it means engaging students in the learning process. I think the assignment banks were really fun. My favorite one was adding music to a video of an animal dancing. Next assignment bank I did was about making a video of places we would like to visit and adding an upbeat music to it. I love to travel so I hope to visit all those places I showed in the video. My last assignment bank was about making a video of recycling. It is amazing how many people don’t even think about recycling. The main reason why I did that assignment bank was so that someone out there could become informed about recycling.

Lights, Camera, and….Action!

I have never edited a movie in my life so everything was new to me. I had big time trouble on finding out how to do a voice over on a movie. The first tutorial I watched to show me how to do a voice over used Windows Live Movie Maker(the same thing I used) but it had a manual microphone inside their movie maker. I look as hard as I could and could still not find a micro phone button in my movie maker. I then did some more research and found out that I can manually do a a recording with sound record and then add it in my movie maker using the import music method to add the voice over. For some reason I still find like there an easier way to add voice over. I did get used to it after a while. The whole method of voice over is really cool because we can analyze the author’s choice of technique to  tell the story.

I decided to make a video essay on Medea’s Family reunion and Finding Nemo. I really normally really busy so I don’t make time to go to the movies or stay up dated on new movies that comes out. For Medea, I love how the producer uses facial expressions and language choices to give express the mood. With Find Nemo, I love hows the choice of colors promoted a sense of a kid friendly environment.

Around The World We Go!

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This assignment ask us to make a video about places we went to go and also add a fun music to put icing on the cake. Check out these wonderful places that are included in the video. I’ve always wanted to travel ever since I was a kid and if I get a chance, I wouldn’t mind traveling for the rest of my life. I was not born in america so I know how it feels to be exposed to another culture and do certain things different. I am totally up for that challenge. It is always fun to try out different types of food and meet different people.


Dancing Cat Brings Instant Joy

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The purpose of this assignment was to show off a dancing animal. This cat has to put the post adorable cat I have ever seen in my life. I think it has better moves than I do. I always appreciate animals because they bring a sense of joy to me that not all people can do. Sometimes I will be walking the the street and I will see s dog/cat and instantly, a smile appears on my face like I have seen someone I can’t live without. Pets are just a blessing and I am so glad we have them to bring comfort to us.



Todays daily create asked us to give Fleming College an Idea of what active learning is. When I first heard of active learning, I first thought it meant learning while being active. This is not what active learning means at all.  Active learning is learning that engages students in the learning process. An idea I thought of to help promote active learning is passing out candy. When this happens, most students become very happy and went to do good things(pay attention) so they can earn some more candy.

Reuse and Recycle

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This assignment asked me to make a video of me recycling. I believe part of life has a lot to do with recycling. Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution. We have to pa very close attention to where we put our trash and where we put or recyclables. Some people just don’t care what trashcan they throw their recycles in. We need to spread the word!

NOT(Bucket List ……added)

Today’s daily create is about a place that we will probably not be able to visit. This place is called Caryonlands National Park located in Utah and it is absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever seen! It may seem possible for some people to visit this place but i am really bad with hiking so I do not think I would make it half way on my way up to this view.  If there was an elevator to get there, I would be the first one up there!

Week 8 Summary

I have to say this semester is flying by very quickly. I can’t believe we are already done with week 8 already. This week was packed with a lot of web engaging design. I have to admit I didn’t really enjoy doing the web assignment banks. I know you told us that we can make our own ( I am still in the process of brainstorm one). My first assignment bank that I chose to do had me go on a 20 minute walk. While on the 20 minute walk, my mission was to choose one color and find many different things of that color. I love nature so I was really excited to do this assignment.  The next assignment bank I decided to do from the web assignments was to edit a you tube page to confuse viewers, check out how I did mine. Last but not least, the third assignment I did from the web assignment bank was find a situation where google translate went wrong. I really enjoyed tuning in and listening in to the radio shows I  made a blog post to discuss which one I enjoyed and the reason behind it. Every group did a wonderful job on their shows. Daily creates are always fun. I like how we had to tie it all together in a story is week.  My first daily create was about making a fake airplane noise. my second daily create was about making a poem with 5 random words and my last daily create was a question about why I choose to write. I thought it was really cool how we got to edit websites, I have never done that before and I was so amazed when I was in the process of doing it. The idea of picking 3 daily creates and assignments we really liked from our peers was brilliant, It gave me a chance to really dig deep into people’s assignments and get a feel for their reason behind what they did. I found 3 work that was just amazing and I have it all summed up in a post. I hope you enjoyed our radio show!

Tie Tie Make A Story

I am going try to tie all my daily 3 daily creates together to make a story:

First daily create was making fake airplane sounds with any material we have.

Second daily create was the question “Why we choose to write?”.

Last daily create was make a poem with 5 random words, they were: weather, pebble, pistachio, ink, and varnish.

On Saturday morning, my mom asked me to take the mail box keys and go check the mails with my little sister so we can get some fresh air. As I walked outside I heard a very loud airplane run very rapidly over my heard.  With my sister being a child who likes to imitate everything, started making fake airplane noises with her mouth. After getting the mail, I saw that I got a letter from my school asking me to write an essay topic about “why I choose to write”  for a $2000 scholarship. As I started to write , the weather all of the sudden started thundering. My cat is very scared of thunder so as he begin to run away, he accidentally kicked one of the peddles my sister left on the floor. The peddles suddenly knocked over the ink I was about to use to write my essay and then our pet bed flew over my head and dropped several pistachios  over the ink, varnishing it.

Web StoryTelling


I edited a web site for the very first time, check it out. Looking at this assignment made me sign  because the instructions was long which made me think that this assignment was not going to be fun.  I first started our with the Mozilla X-Ray instructions and installing the browser bar then I tried the example it had to make sure I understood exactly what we had to do. After trying it, I realized that it was actually kind of fun to do. I then went in search to find a website I can edit. I came across a men’s t-shirt sale and decided to edit it. I struggled finding something new to turn it into. My first thought was to turn it into a “borrow me for a day” type sale but then I thought people could think of this sale as a negative aspect of selling someone so I then decided to make it into a tutoring sale. I actually thought my sale is a good deal. you have an option to rent either a female or male in the expertise of math and computer science. I really wish this was something we could do in real life, it would save so much time.