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And…Let There Be Light!


So as we all know today(Wednesday) was such a icky day full of raindrops.   I came across these two cars approaching me and I thought I should take a picture to explain to everyone why this picture was sending out a message. Of course we all know when it is really early or when it is getting late, cars have to use their lights to see. Well this was not the reasons why these two cars were using their lights. The time I took this picture was daylight time around 10am. This to me implied that the weather was a little off and there was not enough light for the cars to drive safely to their destinations.

#designblitz this picture represents a form/ message. It conveys a dark cloudy/rainy day so light is needed.

Side-Walk to Grass-Walk


This morning as I was on my way to work I came across something that I thought would really come in handy for my designblitz. I came across a sidewalk with grass growing in between the cracks. My head automatically thought about unity. Although these two things don’t belong together, they can easily become united if the grass is not treated well!

#designblitz a picture to show unity. Grass meets sidewalk

Sum of the Week


I must admit audio editing is so much fun! In the beginning I signed when I saw the topic of this week and thought audio editing just takes too long (it is time consuming) but it was a fun process so you never get bored. The proudest thing I did this week was my making my radio bumper. I had a lot of fun using audacity. At first I was a little lost but then when I got used to editing and formatting my audio, I started loving the software. I was a little lost on what LAMEmp3Encoder was. I downloaded it but i had no clue how to open it and use it. I like how we got to listen to the MoonGraffiti because it gave us a lot of examples on how strong sound can be. Sound just gives is a sense of imagination. check out my response. My first daily create was to think of another name to call the iphone call app. I chose to call it the whisper app because It tells you stuff that no one else in the same room can hear (so it is basically whispering). My second daily create was draw an art masterpiece. I am not a good artist but i found this daily create to be calming and relaxing which was really good because I was really stressed this week. Last but not least, my last daily create was to come up with something that is behind this door. I came up with heaven because that would be exactly where i want to go if i was to open that door. I found some of this week’s daily challenge to be a bit difficult excluding the one’s i did(maybe it was because I had so much work to do). The ideas I came up with for the radio ideas where somewhat related to the questions the class generated but I tried to make it a bit more interactive because I found myself getting a little bored when tuning in. My first audio assignment I did was to put together 5 different sounds to tell a story. I love love this assignment. This was the exercise that got me use to working with audacity. The second assignment I did asks us to pick one of our favorite songs and give meaning to the reason why we picked it in a short audio recording. I like it because I got me to really think about the reason why I love that particular song. I wouldn’t mind doing this assignment again because I have a lot of favorite songs.  Another assignment I chose to do asked us to have a phone conversation with ourselves but to change one of our voice. I actually had a bad tine making this recording because it was hard to change my voice over and over but it was a good experience. I now have a new appreciation for people who do those type of stuff for a living. It was a wonderful week and I learn tons and tons of stuff about audio editing. I love audio editing!


Thinking Outside the Box


I have some few ideas for the radio show but the ones I have that incorporates our theme are:

  1. We can have an open mic where we post a question on twitter and have the hostess of the radio read out the answers on the radio. The one question I had in mind was “Has anyone ever gotten into trouble with what they posted online?” This question is in reference of one of the class-generated questions which was “Are we really free on the internet?”
  2. We can challenge people to go without using the internet for a couple of days and listen to their reactions. We can have callers call in and talk about their experiences. this idea is in regard to the question  “Do you think people are too dependent on the internet?”.
  3. A story can be made telling us what the future of the internet will be like. In regards to the question “What is the future of the internet?”

Streets Of Gold


Today daily create asks us what could possibly be behind this door. I choose heaven because I am religious and looking forward to going to heaven. One of the reason why I also choose heaven is also because the light behind the door gave me an image of a rewarding place. I believe heaven is a reward we have to earn in life.

The Power of Sound


Sound has a big effect on how a story can be understood. After listening to “ Moon Graffiti”, It was amazing to see how the sound expressed the degree of feelings for the astronomers and the things that were going on. Without the background sound in this audio, I would have understood the the audio but would have had no idea exactly how the astronomers where feeling. There was a good example in the audio where one astronomer kick something and the was a sound to reflect the strength of the kick. I never would have know the extremity of that kick.

I tuned in Wednesday night in the ds106 radio at @ 9 and I highly enjoyed the background sounds. It perfectly  imitated the mood in the story. I also love the acting. Each character was very good at acting their roles.

On Wednesday when I tuned it the radio, It learn a lot of interesting things. There was this one particular part that i remember the most. There were two females talking and at the background you could hear a certain ticking sound going on, at first I thought it was someone typing but then I realized it was a clock ticking. I feel like that was a very good idea but it allowed listeners to be curious about what is about it happen. I remember seeing a post on twitter asking if that was a bomb time clock, we later found out that the clock was ticking because one of the females took medicine and was going to die in 90 secs. The power of sound and how it can get you wondering!



#AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments36

This was so exciting to do. I have to say I had a lot of fun. This assignment was to create a radio bumper between 10-30 sec. I have to admit in the beginning I was like oh gosh! this will be annoying, but as I started recording it being really fun. I really like using audacity and the convenience of it. There were no specific reasons why I choose the songs that I chose. They were just randomly selected.

Rain Rain Go Away

#AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments406

For this assignment we had to use anything reachable from our computer to imitate any type of weather sound. I decided to imitate the sound of a rain because it I believe it is the easiest one to do. I used a sheet of paper and dragged it across my desk to make a sound that sounded like rain. I used my mouth to blow air to make it sound like it was a litter windy. I enjoyed being creative and having fun while making my “rain sound”. Hope it really sounds like rain!