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This week was full of a lot of designing which is great because I love designing! I first want to start off with Kleon’s book. The two chapters that were had to read were full of useful info to remember when designing and talking about the process behind it. What I thought about these two chapters are summed up in it’s own blog post. The designblitz was very interesting. It made me go out in the world and explore what the world has to offer me. I would have enjoyed it better if it was assigned during another week when the sun was up and daisy. I was limited to certain time to go exploring because the weather was bad all week but I thought the results I found were very unique in its own way. Each picture I found is embedded in the blog post  I wrote about it. I enjoyed the design assignment bank this week. My first one was about a missing person or animal. The second one was about a magazine, I tried to make this one about technology of some sort. My last assignment bank assignment was about an event poster. I decided to make mine about 2 music artist coming to UMW to perform. It had to be Drake and Usher because I absolutely love them both. I wish they were really coming to our school to perform, I would be the first one to go purchase a ticket. Daily creates are always fun. It is always interesting to see what everyone comes up with. I always like scrolling down on the daily create page to see the creativity of my fellow peers. My first one was to make a new picture look old. I chose a picture of me and my sister to transform. The second one was making a poster about digital safety. I believe mine was very unique in terms of the analogy. Last but not least, my last daily create was about an audio recording of how my  Sunday commute goes. Can you guess my way of commuting? I learned a lot from reading Vignelli’s Canon. I learned that there are 3 aspects of design. Check out about I had to say about the article. What a very productive week!

Whats Hot in Tech-no World

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I decided to do an assignment that asked us to make a magazine about what ever we wanted. I turned mine into a magazine about technology. I added the rainbow keyboard background because i thought my magazine might need a little color to attract eyes. I couldn’t think of a more creative title so I called it Tech-no World in short of technology world. I love technology and new gadget so that’s will I decide to make this magazine about technology. Plus there is free coupons!


Help Needed

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help is needed to find Cutecy. She is an imaginary dog that I made up for this assignment. She has been missing for about 5 days now. She is such a lovely dog with a goofy behavior. She ran off one day chasing a cat and never returned :(. I chose the red background so attention can be drawn to the poster. Her owners miss her! Please spread the word


Music Night

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Check out this poster I made of drake & Usher coming to perform at UMW for this  assignment. I am a big fan of these two artists and would do anything for them to come perform together on stage at our school. I thought orange would go well with the music atmosphere so I added an orange background and I also made half of the background be music notes. I thought these two combo goes well together. Would you attend if you saw this poster on campus? I know i would! I would be looking forward to drake performing this “one dance” song!

Back Story Behind The Story


I have to say Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work has some very important aspects that I used in making my designblitz journey a success. I love the quote by Micheal Jackson that was mentioned in the character “Think Process Not Product”. it said ” A lot of people are so used to just seeing the outcome of work, they never see the side of the work you go through to produce the outcome”. To me, this was especially true when it came to finding examples of the list we were given to make a designblitz from. I had to go on a walk on a icky rainy day so that I could find some examples to share with everyone. In this process, I got wet plus a car almost ran me over because I was too focused on finding a good angle to take my picture from. It is important to take people behind the scenes of how you completed your assignment so that a unique bond can be made with your audience. In the chapter Share Something Small Everyday, I learn that part of a big picture is a tiny bit of little pictures. Sharing every little piece day by day gives your audience a sense of involvement with whatever project you may be working on. It is important that our thought processes are included in the assignment we do because it allows other people to understand the reason why you made up your mind to go a certain direction.  These two chapter were filled with a lot of useful information.

All in One Blitztastic!


The first design blitz I am going to talk about is “use of space” also known as minimalism. This example shows how someone used the little space they had to their best benefit. Often times, I run into minimalism a lot because I have a lot to study for. The best way I learn stuff is to write it down and I can never find enough space to fit everything I need on the board. One day I will come up with an invention to have a room where all its walls are plastered with dry erase boards(the whole entire wall not just half of the wall) so I can fit everything I need in one room!

The second design blitz was about symbols. As I was walking to work one day, I came across this symbol. This board had have important symbols to help drivers navigate their way. Without these symbols, driving will be very difficult for certain people that are unfamiliar with where they are going. Not only does symbols show up on roads but they show up every where in our daily lives. A good example is sign language. Without symbols, people who are deaf would not be able to communicate. That is how important symbols are!

Third blitz was about message. My picture shows two cars using their head lights in board day light. The reason why I chose this to be a message was because there is no reason why cars should be using their lights unless it is fogy or dark. The message that was suppose to be spend out was that the weather was rainy and dark during daylight time so lights were needed in order for drivers to drive safely. Sometimes messages are not displayed verbally so we need to pay very close attention to the everything around us.

Last but not least my final my blitz was about unity. As I was walking, I came across grass growing in a side walk and automatically, I thought about unity. I thought this was a good example because it was two unlike things forming into one. Normally, the first good example of unity that pops into my mind is marriage but it was impossible to capture two people getting marriage on campus! Hopefully you guys see where I am coming from with this example.

Teeny-Tiny Bit


I took this picture in regards to minimalism. I was trying to find a good example of “use of space”.  I thought this would be a good idea because of the many words squeezed on this dry erase board. Normally if you are like  me and have a lot to study for, everything you need to write down doesn’t fit on this tiny little board so I tend to write very small.  I took the picture very close so the writing looks normal but in actuality the print is very small.

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Transformation From Now to Now


The New (old) me. This was a daily create that asks us to turn something new into old by using this website. This is a picture of my sister and I not taken a long time ago but it looks pretty old doesn’t it? I chose this picture because it is practically the only picture of my sister and I. When I first when onto the website that I used to generate this picture, it looked a little sketchy because everything was written in Japanese. I then found a translator button to print everything in English. If you ever decide to use the website, watch out for that.

Better Designer


I have never seen Stranger Things but according to this article. Stranger Things’s opening credits are an ode to typography. The red glowing title has drawn a lot of people to the show. It is amazing how one aspect of something can draw many people’s mind. This article confirmed that the title reminds viewer of children book titles which draws back so much memories. Now, I know to take my time when designing because the littlest details can catch many attention. We have to really think about what we want to design before we start designing it. Often times, I fall into this trap and just design as ideas come in my head but now I know it all takes planning.

In regards to the short booklet called Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli, there are 3 aspects of design. The first one is semantics. This is basically the meaning of whatever you have to design. It is important to know the semantics so that you understand to the fullest the nature and the design aspects of the project. From what I understood, syntax is the meaning behind the design. If what ever that is done does not have any meaning or fails to communicate, it is just a mere “wasted effort”. Syntax is very important because if no one understands the result, or the meaning of all that effort, the entire work is useless. Although sometimes design may mean some explanation, it is better is the design is understood when it is first seen. I learned that every detail is important, no detail is special than the other. All details combine to make the final project. Pragmatic is the understanding to the design that was made. This is very important because if there is no understanding of what was made, then the design would just be bogus. I also learned that there are infinite possibilities to achieve a powerful expression. this is not just limited to one. Sometimes perception also plays a big role. I really agree with Vignelli because design takes a part in thinking and putting time into what ever you create. You can’t just put two things together and call that a design, the design has to have true semantics,

Lefty or Righty


I though this picture was a good example of symbols. This sign was meant to give directions to drivers that are unfamiliar about the area and needed help on how to get on the interstate. The two symbols are either right or left.

#designblitz this is to represent symbols