Final Project/Weekly Summary

I can not believe this semester is over. My advice for new ds106 students is here. This class was so much fun and I also learned a lot. My final project consisted of an audio, visuals, a video, and design. I am glad you gave us so much time to work on this project. This week was so stressful with a lot of assignments due so I am glad I work on it when I was suppose to rather than waiting last minute.

The design part of my final project is my transitioning animations and a poster I made. The audio part is me talking. The video part is a “how to video I incorporated in there”. My pictures were pictures I added of me and other people from the internet. It was challenging but I got it done. It is a life story about me! I used windows live movie maker to complete my video. I used the voice over method we learned a couple weeks ago to add my voice in the project.



Dear new Ds106 students,

You are in for a very productive semester with lots of exciting things to learn about. Although this class is fun, it is also a lot of work to keep up with (it is more like busy relaxing work that doesn’t really seem like loads of work). I honestly think anyone can take this class and strive in it, I say this because I was taking 17 credits (mostly computer science courses) and managed to get an A on every assignment given to me. Get ready to learn about how to blog, how to be a good photographer, how to make masterpieces, how to edit videos and most important how to have fun! There are weekly creates that you have to do every week. Weekly creates are random assignments posted on twitter and only take at most 15 minutes to complete. There are also assignment banks which are rated in stars. Most of the week, professor Paul will give you a fix number of stars you should do, again these assignment are not that difficult, they are more like fun work. I did mention that the work is busy fun work so please don’t wait the day before your assignments are due or you won’t be able to finish it. You will have to create a bit of social sites to complete some of the assignments given, I really thought this was a great thing because I got a chance to use things I had never used before. Trust me, you are in for a good treat!

Sincerely,    A student that would not mind taking this class again!



Final Project Progress 2

As I get more of this project completed, I learn that it is not as easy as I thought. I am half way in with everything so far. Recording your self talk could be at times challenging due to the pitch and volume changes especially when you record on two separate occasions.  I thought doing a story about me would be super easy but it is at times challenging. I am re-ordering certain events and I am still getting use to transitioning to another event or point in time. I excited to see how the final product will turn out! I am currently in the process of finding a nice background music that can go along with the atmosphere, hopefully that won’t distract the audience from my voice.

Week 12 Progress

I am very excited about this final project. I decided I am making a true life story about me. The four assignment types(not solely limiting it to four) that I decided I will include will be audio, visual, video, and design. The way I wanted to start out was introduce myself with a little all about me poster which has a little info about who I am and what I like. I completed this design part this week so I can focus on another assignment element next week. The audio part will consist of me talking about my transitioning from the country I was born to America and the challenges I faced(I have also briefly started this part). The visual part will be a few pictures of me as I grew up and adapted to America. The video part will be everything put together. I wanted to add more assignment elements but I have not yet figured out how I will incorporate them within the project. I decided I will use Windows Movie Maker to complete this project since I am used to using it already. I normally use paint to design my posters but i choose to use powerpoint to design the poster I made because I felt powerpoint gave me more choices when it came to designing. I hope everything goes well and I am anxious to see how everything turns out!


Week 11 Summary

Week 11 remixes and mashups were kind of exciting. Since we have already acquired the skills we need to edit things, I enjoyed this week’s assignments. One out of the two remixes I did was about turning one of my old assignments into a cancer subject. I thought this was a very important remix because cancer is something that has effected everyone in some way or some how and it is still one of the top causes of death. My second remix was about making a bad presentation. Again, I reused old assignments in my presentation. One out of my two daily creates was making a poster about missing bigfoot. My second daily create was about finding art in sidewalk cracks. My first assignment bank mash up I did (I now regret doing it ) was about mashing 2 unrelated pictures and then creating a back story. My second assignment bank was about mashing up things from my 3 favorite holidays into one picture to tell a story. The last assignment bank I did was about creating a logo out of my favorite product from my favorite store. My tutorial that I did was about how to use movie maker (from windows) to edit a video (it also including how to download a video from youtube). I appreciate people that do jobs that including putting things together to create one big product, It takes a lot of work but It is fun at the same time!

Tutorial on Video Editing/Video Essays

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During week 9 I struggled a lot when it came down to editing videos/video essays. IT was a completely new subject to me so I didn’t know how to start (luckily I had google). I am going to explain step by step how to edit a video and make it into a movie essay using WINDOWS.

  1.  Fire up moviemaker by going to your apps and searching it up. When you find and open it, it should look like this:


2. Next, find a movie you want to edit. Normally I go to youtube and search up clips. I found a really easy way to down clips from youtube as a mp3 file.  Lets say If I find a clip on youtube with the any url:


I will go up to where I have the blue circle and insert “ss” right after www.


press enter. On the new page, scroll down to “Download it Free” (I highlighted it in yellow):


Click on it and make sure you save it somewhere you can access it later. In moviemaker,  click on add photos/vidoes. Find your saved clip and add it:


when you add your movie, you will be able to crop and edit it with split under the edit tab. To add a voice over, go to your apps and look for sound recorder. It sound look like:


record your voice and save it somewhere you will remember. Now, in moviemaker, click on “add music”


find the recording you just did and insert in where you want. Make sure under video tools you take away the video volume from that specific part so you can hear the voice recording.

Be a Hero!

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For this remix assignment, I was suppose to take an assignment and give it a cancer awareness message. It was suppose to be a general cancer sucks message or a specific cancer close to your heart. It is suppose to be a way to convince others to get screened, raise money, or simply support the cause. I chose to edit a daily create assignment we did a while ago to make it about cancer. I edited the hero picture that I made to show that saving a person’s life can also be considered being a hero. Many people have lost love ones because of cancer that sometimes could have been avoided if there was enough money to cover it.

I have lost someone to cancer so I know the pain that comes with cancer. I will do anything/everything possible to help out if I am given the chance. Cancer is a big issue that needs a cure!



What Not to Do

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For this remix assignment, I had to put together a bad presentation. I made an actual presentation but when I was trying to upload it, I couldn’t so I decided to snip each individual page.

I reused my picture I made for the “logo” assignment. The reason why the first page is not a good page is because you can barely see the walmart logo sign and the bananas seems like it is rotting up. The second picture is not a good one because the nike sign runs off the page plus the black sign with the simi black background does not go well together. The last picture is not a good one because you can’t see a thing. The contrast and lightening are not a good mix. I made these examples to display what not to do when it comes to designing.

bad1 capture1 capture


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I am the only one who love bananas? I can promise you Walmart has the best Banana’s and they are so cheap! For this assignment mash up, I had to think of a place I often spend money, and what I most often buy at that place, then  redesign their logo to incorporate my favorite product.  No one can never go wrong with bananas, plus they are good for your health. Everytime I walk into walmart, the first thing I think of are bananas so I decided to re-design their logo and incorporate bananas. I used paint to design this logo.